Introduction | A

Hello CodCad!

This is the first problem that you will solve. Usually, problems will have an expected input and output. However, as we have not yet learned how to input data to the computer, you should only print a message on the computer screen.

To solve this problem you should just print the message "Ola CodCad!" on your computer screen.

To send the code containing your solution, you must use the buttons at the top of this page. The button to send your solution is identified by the paper airplane symbol. You can also ask for help by using the comment window or view all of your solutions to this problem by using the jigsaw puzzle button


In this special problem you do not need to read any information as input.


The output of your program should be just the phrase "Ola CodCad!" (Without the quotation marks), as we learned in the first lesson.

Example Input Example Output
Ola CodCad!