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(OBI2014, Phase 1, Junior Level)

Fliper is a type of game where a metal ball falls through a maze of paths until you reach the bottom of the maze. The amount of points the player wins depends on the path the ball follows. The player can control the course of the ball by changing the position of some doors of the maze. Each door can be in the 0 position, which means turning to the left, or in position 1 which means turning to the right. Consider the figure below, which has two doors. The doorP is in postion 1, while the door R, in position 0. This way, the ball will fall on path B.

68/5000 You should write a program that, given the positions of the doors P and R, in the fliper on the picture, tell which of the three paths, A, B or C, the ball will fall!


The input consists of only one line containing two numbers P and R, Indicating the positions of the two doors of the fig.


The output of your program should also be just a line, containing a capital letter that indicates the path where the ball will fall: 'A', 'B' or 'C'.


Example Input Example Output
1 0 B
0 0 C