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Tennis Court

(OBI2012, Phase 2, Junior Level)

A tennis court has the shape of a rectangle, whose sides measure 36 feet by 78 feet, which correspond to a rectangle of 432 inches by 936 inches. In the last Grand Slam of Australia, Rafael Nadal lost to Novak Djoković in one of the most beautiful tennis games of recent times. Often a move is so fast, and the ball so close to the edge of the court, that the judge can make a decision that can be contested by one of the players. To do this, there is a special feature, which uses the engraved image of the game to decide if the ball was in or out of the half of the court corresponding to one of the players. Consider that the half-court of Rafael Nadal corresponds to a rectangle in which two vertices have coordinates (0,0) and (432, 468), where all numbers are in inches. You should write a program to, given the coordinates (X, Y) of the point of contact of the ball with the ground, determine if a ball hit the ground in or out of the half court. Note that if the ball hits the divider it is considered a ball inside.


The input is a single line, that contains two integers X and Y, which correspond to the point \((X, Y)\) in which the ball touched the ground.


Your program should print a single line, saying "fora" if the ball was out of the court, and "dentro" if it was inside.


Sample Input Sample Output
-2 200 fora
432 10 dentro