Selection (part 2) | D


(OBI2012, Phase 1, Junior Level)

Two teams, Cormengo and Flaminthians, participate in a soccer championship, along with other teams. Each win counts three points, each draw a point. It is better to qualify in the league a team that has more points. In the event of a tie in the number of points, the team with the highest goal balance is better ranked. If the number of points and the balance of goals are the same for the two teams then the two teams are tied for the championship. Given the numbers of wins and draws, and the goals counts of the two teams, their task is to determine which of the two is better ranked, or if they are tied for the championship.


The input is a single line that has six integers: \(C_v\), \(C_e\), \(C_s\), \(F_v\), \(F_e\) e \(F_s\), which are, respectively, the number of victories, draws, and goals balance by Cormengo, the number of victories, draws and gold balance by Flaminthians.


Your program should output a single line. If Cormengo is better classified than Flaminthians, output 'C'. If Flaminthians is better, output 'F'. If they tied, output '='.


Sample Input Sample Output
10 5 18 11 1 18 C
10 5 18 11 2 18 =
9 5 -1 10 2 10 F