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Passed or Failed

In the high school Barias Frito (BF), a student passes if they have an average grade greater than or equal to 7. If the student has an average grade less than 7 but greater than or equal to 4, the student goes to recovery. If their grade is less than 4, they fail.

Their average grade is the mean of the grades of two exams they take throughout the semester.

Give the student's grades, decide if they are "Aprovado" (which means "Passed" in Portuguese), "Recuperacao" ("Recovery" in Portuguese) or "Reprovado" ("Failed" in Portuguese.)


The input consists of one line with two real numbers A and B, which correspond to the student's grades.


The output of your program is only one line, in which you should say if the student is "Aprovado", "Reprovado" or in "Recuperacao."

Sample Input Sample Output
4.3 5 Recuperacao
10 9.8 Aprovado